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Metabolic Advantage Program

Exercise is tremendously beneficial to all individuals, especially for those with diabetes. It is proven that exercise helps reduce blood glucose levels, lowers blood pressure, and increases strength to maximize an individual’s quality of life. Our concern for patient health inspired us to implement a physical therapy and exercise program geared towards patients with diabetes.

Our program is designed so that each participant will receive 6 individual physical therapy sessions followed by 6 small group exercise sessions over the course of 6 weeks. All sessions will be administered by one of our skilled physical therapists at our facility. The exercise program will focus on aerobic conditioning, strength training, flexibility, and balance training. The best part is – most insurance companies will cover these services! Patients will be able to get stronger and lead a healthier lifestyle, with minimal cost to them.

To ensure participants are ready for physical activity, we will provide them with a medical clearance form that needs to be completed by their physician prior to starting the program.  Heart rate and blood pressure will be monitored during the treatment session to ensure vital signs are maintained within the guidelines set forth by the physician.  Each participant will continue to monitor their blood glucose levels as previously instructed by their physician.  The physicians will also need to provide a valid prescription for physical therapy services.

We are very excited to kick start our patients’ journey to a stronger body and a healthier lifestyle! For further information please contact us. We’ll be happy to help you get started!

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