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Increased Time Spent in Physical Therapy Improves Outcomes

Time Spent in Physical Therapy

The amount of time patients spend with their Physical Therapist makes a huge difference when it comes to healing. Increased time spent in physical therapy sessions correlates with improved recovery rates. Patients have better outcomes when the PT gives time and attention to provide quality care and education. Rehabilitation outcomes and patient satisfaction increase when patients spend more time with their PT.

How Long Should Physical Therapy Last?

Physical Therapy lasts as long as it takes to reach individual recovery goals. Each case is different, and the amount of PT will depend on the patient’s needs and rate of healing. Factors such as overall time spent in therapy and adherence to home education speed recovery.

Impact on Rehabilitation 

Patients need to spend a lot of time in physical therapy when recovering from injury or surgery. The more time, the better. There is a positive correlation between total therapy time and regaining functional independence. According to a 2021 retrospective study, each additional hour of physical therapy was associated with “an increase of 7.55 functional independence measure (FIM) point gain.” All in all, more time spent in treatment produced improved rehabilitation outcomes. 

Patient Satisfaction

High-quality interactions with the PT improve patient satisfaction. The patient gets the most out of each session when the therapist takes time to explain, instruct, and educate thoroughly. Cost-cutting measures, high patient volume, and care extenders take time away from direct contact with the therapist. A survey published in the Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal found a strong correlation between patient satisfaction and quality interactions with the physical therapist, including spending time with the patient, strong listening skills, and clear explanations of treatment. 

Time Spent in Physical Therapy 

At Churchill Orthopedic Rehabilitation, we spend time getting to know each patient’s needs. Our highly-skilled PTs give each person time and attention. We know that time spent in physical therapy is essential for rehabilitation outcomes and patient satisfaction. Call us at 201-833-1333 to refer patients for treatment.

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