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Top Three Workstation Adjustments to Reduce Neck and Back Fatigue


T3 Workstation Adjustments_092015_11. Monitor adjustment – Make sure to adjust your computer monitor so the top of the screen is at eye level so you do not feel the need to tilt your head down or up to read the screen. Monitor stands are available online and can make a big difference.

T3 Workstation Adjustments_092015_2
2. Adjust arm rests – Having a computer chair with adjustable armrests is useful because when adjusted properly there is a significant reduction in stress on the shoulders. The arm rests should be adjusted so when you are using your mouse/keyboard your elbows rest comfortably on them. A table attachment can also be useful if you are unable to purchase a new chair with adjustable arm rests.

T3 Workstation Adjustments_092015_33. Lumbar Support- Most basic office chairs do not have adjustable lumbar support and often minimal lumbar support at all. Using a roll or pad can help put the spine in a better position and reduce/prevent back pain. Something like this can be useful





As you see for a little over $50, you can significantly improve your workstation posture and help decrease pain and fatigue throughout the day. Click on each picture for a link to suggested items that can be used for your convenience!

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