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Sports Injury Rehabilitation


We can work together to eliminate your pain while greatly enhancing your mobility and strength.

Fully healing and even performing better after a sports injury involves a carefully designed Personalized Sports Injury Therapy Plan, hard work, rest, and time.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Your highly-trained therapist will utilize the latest evidence-based approaches to help you heal from your sports injury. Your Personalized Sports Injury Therapy Plan will include manual therapy techniques and strengthening therapy, all carefully monitored for important improvement milestones. Before you return to your sport and before official discharge to your sport or a specialist at your school, we will work with you at our facility to practice the skills needed to officially return to play. The whole time you work with us, we maintain contact and update your referring physician so we can optimize the coordination of your care.

With proper guidance from your therapist, your sports injury does not need to limit you, instead, it can be a turning point for learning how to perform better in the future while preventing re-injury.

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