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Patient Reviews


I came here with a pain in my right shoulder and collarbone (such pain).  I am leaving with no pain.  I had a wonderful PT (Danielle) who I have had for various physical ailments.  She is great!

I leave here knowing that I should always stand straight (no pain with great posture).   I will continue the programs that she gave me at home.

I leave here with the knowledge that as long as I watch my posture I will feel better.  I would definitely recommend Churchill Orthopedic Rehabilitation to anyone in need.


I came here using a walker.  After several weeks I was using a cane.  This morning I was able to jog between two cones set 40 feet apart – – with 3 repetitions.

My balance was a serious problem when I started.  With intensive balance and hip strengthening exercises, my balance improved significantly.

Leg strength was a problem.  In the past few weeks, my strength improved to a point that walking a mile or more at an average pace was achievable.

Overall the care and work used to help me achieve good physical health and mobility were excellent.

Barry Badner

My experience at Churchill has been wonderful.  Danielle has listened to my problem areas from my total knee replacement and my therapy has been based on helping me correct any issues I had.  I loved the creative ways Danielle has used as well as all of the other therapists at Churchill.

But most of all, I find that everyone who works at Churchill is so warm and friendly that I hate to leave.  I will miss everyone and all the help they have given me.  

With everyone’s help, I feel like a new person and walk as if I never had a problem thanks to Churchill’s staff and Danielle.

Barbara Bright

I came in with knee pain.  A surgeon recommended that I try 2 months of PT prior to Arthroscopic surgery.  Results were outstanding.

I improved during the course of treatment to about 80% of where I was prior to the injury.  Therapist (Steve) gave extensive time and focus on my individual condition.  Overall an outstanding experience.  Bottom line is that I do not expect to need arthroscopic surgery.

Dan Freeman

Great people, made a tough experience (Total Knee Replacement) almost fun. Would come back and actually did recently for a few days.

Very Professional

Very Understanding

An outstanding experience

Danielle, Jenna, who worked the closest with me – both outstanding. Improvement in all aspects of a Total Knee Replacement because of the crew at Churchill Rehab.

My sciatica was really interfering with my sleeping, sitting and everyday activities.  I started to see improvement after the 1st session with Dr. Scher.  After one month, I can say that I am pain-free and plan to continue with my home exercise program.  The individual attention I received was really amazing and far superior to the care I received at other therapy offices.


I came to PT because of pain going up and down stairs on my left hip.  Between backing off and resting the hip and slowly stretching and strengthening it I am close to where I was before PT.Brian my therapist really listened to what was going on and gently introduced me to stretching exercises and then strengthening exercises.The atmosphere at Churchill is friendly, welcoming and encouraging.It was a great experience.


When I first started here (10/2017) 2017 for back and hip pain, I was in a lot of pain, but through my PT with Bryan I have overcome many obstacles and am now comfortable when performing normal tasks with very little or no pain in my back.  In January 2018, I started PT on my neck and right shoulder.  The pain and uncomfortableness was awful; couldn’t sleep on either side without numbness in either arm.  Now, my sleep is pretty much undisturbed and very restful.  Headaches have been eliminated!!  All these accomplishments have been through the help and perseverance of therapist, Bryan and with the home program he has devised for me.  Many thanks to COR and all employees!  I am forever thankful! 

Deborah Strack

From the front desk to the owner, they are wonderful people to work with. They were great in getting my shoulder back to full function, and since I have continued to use them to help me with other orthopedic issues.


I was having extreme difficulty with my Achilles – –  a lot of pain walking, etc.  Jenna was a wonderful therapist, showing much patience and great care in getting my Achilles to a point where I am not experiencing any pain.  Everyone at Churchill was Terrific — Patrick, Evelyn, Stephanie, etc.  It was a joy being in such a friendly atmosphere and I will recommend Churchill and Jenna to all my friends and family.


Following a fracture in the head of the tibia in my right leg, I was non-weight-bearing for 7 weeks.  I had lost a great deal of strength in both legs — especially the right.  Walking any distance was difficult.  Also developed tendonitis in hamstring once I began weight-bearing.After several weeks, the leg strength has returned.  There is still some discomfort related to arthritis but the tendonitis has resolved.  Much more mobile.  Thanks!

Very nice experience.  Almost sorry to leave.

Had swelling and pain in right knee when started. The repetitive and progressive exercises and homework advice encouraged me and helped me improve use-of-knee.

Staff were all terrific! Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful.

Thank you, Gabe & COR!

June W.

It is always a positive experience to come to Steve Churchill. He listens inter-actively and then chooses the treatment to alleviate the symptoms. I am always confident in a positive resolution from a very professional person and staff.


I went to Churchill Orthopedic Rehabilitation following a shoulder injury in June 2016.  The pain was chronic and limited my ability to function on a daily basis.  Sleep was fitful and interrupted by pain.  The plan outlined by Bryan Munoz, my physical therapist at Churchill, took into account my pain level and discomfort.  At first, the exercises were very gentle and Bryan constantly monitored and adjusted the therapy to fit my body’s tolerance level.  As I began to improve, the exercises became more rigorous and Bryan changed and adjusted my workouts depending on my feedback.  Bryan was creative and brought an incredible wisdom, expertise and enthusiasm to the therapy process.  He noticed that I got distracted when exercising.  He showed me how to become laser focused while working out – how to listen to my body in order to derive the maximum benefit from each session.

Over the course of therapy, Bryan not only cured my shoulder injury, he changed the focus of my overall exercise program by setting me on the path to optimum health and wellness.  I can think of no other health care professional who has had such a profound and lasting impact on improving my well-being.


Professional, caring experience.  Every staff member provided the highest quality care – with skill and, when appropriate, humor.  The best PT outcome I could have wished for.  Will definitely recommend to friends and will return if PT needed in the future.


I thoroughly enjoyed doing my PT here for knee replacement.  The facility is bright and clean.  The staff is kind, friendly and helpful.


You guys are the greatest.  It is Home away from home.  You have a  personal touch to make sure your patient is comfortable, relaxed and can aim to get better.  Thanks for just being you!
With 2 knee replacements, after 12 weeks, was up and going.

Enjoyed working with your team.  You guys are the greatest!


I would recommend Churchill to anyone who is in need of therapy because my experience here has gotten me to where I am today without even knowing I was working hard or improving this much!  The crew works well together and gets along with everyone who comes.  If there is a problem, I have never seen it!


Ethan came to Churchill Orthopedic Rehab after suffering a stress fracture to his back.  Everyone here could not have been nicer and friendlier.  The care here is wonderful!  For an 11 year old to want to come 3 times each week was not an easy task.  Ethan felt so comforable and was so happy to do his exercises and was so thrilled with the outcome . . . he now can participate in all sports (painfree)!!

Stacie Albaum (Ethan’s Mom)

As a P.T. myself, I can attest to the excellence of this practice, both in its professionalism and skillfulness.  The knowledge and compassion, and positive outlook shown by all of its staff is noteworthy.  The global friendliness was very welcome.  I especially commend my therapist, Danielle Spagnolo,  for her knowledge, skill, and dogged determination to return my life to me.  It is refreshing to find a practice which affords the full time and effort required for improvement.

J Des

This was my second time at Churchill for different injuries.  This time I had pain in my back and left leg.  Danielle set up a program for me at Churchill which over time (several visits) reduced the pain, and removed it by the time I left.  Danielle provided me a list of exercises I can do on my own to strengthen the appropriate muscles.  I would recommend Danielle & Churchill to anyone with a PT need.

Marc Bacigalupo

I came to Churchill after a significant injury to my neck and an initial misdiagnosis.

Bryan and the staff at Churchill helped me to slowly and easily recover my ability to move, function and exercise normally, and for that I am truly grateful and thankful.

Elizabeth Kratz

Churchill Orthopedic Rehabilitation is the BEST place for your physical therapy needs.  The physical therapists are professionals, yet personable and genuinely care about you as a person and getting you better.  A fun and lively, yet serious place to do PT.

Margaret King

Got recommended to Churchill by a close friend and found a very knowledgeable and friendly staff.  My progress was controlled and gave me my range of motion back.  And again, a great staff.

Thanks COR.


I have had a great experience with COR.  Therapy was delivered in a professional and effective fashion but also in a friendly and supportive manner.  Not only have any symptoms abated, I now have strategies to maintain my progress on my own.  Bryan Munoz directed my therapy.  I am happy to recommend him and COR.


There is no better place to go for PT when yo’re injured.  Everyone is knowledgeable, professional and very personable.  I can honestly say that I looked forward to all of my appointments.  You always make me feel at home.  I will always remember how well I was treated.  Thank you all.

Kevin Ward

My recent rehab experience at Churchill Orthopedic was great!  After a concussion, Churchill helped me feel better and learn about different exercises/stretching for living a healthier life.  Bryan Munoz was very patient with me and shared some of his wisdom every session (which was helpful).  Staff is friendly, caring and thoughtful, always with a smile on their face!   🙂

Karla P

From the moment I stepped foot into the door, I felt extremely comfortable and very well taken care of in every way.  Churchill Orthopedics provides professional experience with a personal touch.  What could have been a difficult recovery, easily became a very pleasant experience, one that I looked forward to 3 times a week!

Ira Taub

Churchill Orthopedic Rehab is perfect in every way.  I have been treated at Churchill for different problems over a span of eleven years.  The therapists are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and give extended caring, time and energy with each individual patient.  The physical environment is bright, spacious, spotlessly clean.  There is a vibe of cheerfulness throughout and most important of all, my treatments have resulted in great success!

JoAnn Gerstman

Dr. Bryan Munoz has been extremely helpful with providing a treatment that has been helpful and improve my lover back.  He has been professional, caring, patient, positive and attentive to my progress.  He’s put together an at home program tailed to improve my condition and I’m very grateful for all the help he’s provided.  I would recommend him to others.

I would rearrange anything in my day to keep my appointments


You’re going to get the best pt you’ll ever get


You don’t feel like a patient; you feel like a person

Judith G.

Your staff and therapists are knowledgeable, concerned, courteous, and polite. They take the time to explain the treatment and home program. My orthopedist complimented my progress for a ruptured rotator cuff. Every effort is made to accommodate appointments. At this point, surgery is not necessary.

Dear Mr. Churchill,

During my recent rehab, I have been treated by Dr. Danielle Spagnolo. I wanted to tell you how throughly competent she is. Additionally, she is extremely compassionate, warm, caring, and concerned.
Together with my husband, we are Churchill Rehab fans and would eagerly recommend your rehab in general and Danielle in particular.