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The Benefits of Manual Therapy for Patients

Benefits of Manual Therapy

Physical therapists employ many hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal symptoms. Benefits of manual therapy include pain reduction and improved range of motion. Manual therapists use their hands to detect subtle changes in a patient’s muscles and joints to evaluate the causes and pain and restricted movement. This intimate approach allows for treatment tailored to each patient. The personalized methods underlying direct manipulation are designed to meet specific needs.

Is manual therapy effective?

The efficacy of manual therapy is well established for many musculoskeletal issues. However, effectiveness varies based on the type of manipulation and which condition it’s treating. Overall, manual therapy is effective at managing pain and mobility. These hands-on techniques work best when integrated as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Benefits of Manual Therapy

The direct, hands-on treatment provides many advantages for patients suffering from musculoskeletal restrictions. Manual therapy reduces pain and improves mobility. It applies to various conditions, and the diversity of treatments is adaptable to meet patients’ individual needs. 

Improved Mobility and Reduced

After injury or surgery, many patients have difficulty walking, bending, and reaching. Manual techniques can improve range of motion and mobility. The physical therapist carefully examines the patient’s gait, movement patterns, restrictions, and compensatory movement. A combination of hands-on techniques and mobility exercises helps patients return to normal functioning. Manual therapy helps patients move without pain and discomfort. Soft tissue techniques improve blood flow and relieve tension. And passive mobilization reduces pain and swelling around joints. 

Diverse Applications

A significant benefit of manual therapy is the variety of different problems it can help with. Physicians may refer patients to a physical therapist for many joint and muscle conditions. Manual therapists can help drain lymph nodes, reduce edema, and stretch joints. Manual therapy can be an effective treatment for:

Adaptable and Personalized Treatment

The various techniques employed by manual therapists let them target specific problems. Soft tissue mobilization breaks adhesions in the muscles, ligaments, and fascia. These techniques lengthen muscles and tendons, reduce edema, and restore range of motion. Joint mobilization techniques use passive movement to reduce pain and improve mobility. Therapists slowly move joints based on the patient’s condition and pain tolerance. 

Manual Therapy at COR

Manual therapy is a huge part of what we do here at Churchill Orthopedic Rehabilitation. Our skilled practitioners use their hands to help patients return to pain-free function and improve their quality of life. We offer massage therapy, spinal care, joint rehabilitation, pelvic floor treatments, and many more options that help patients reduce pain and regain their lives. Call us at 201-833-1333 to talk about your patients needs.

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