August 2021 COVID Update – COR continues to follow COVID safety protocols

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Qualify for the Boston Marathon

How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon

Every year, Boston hosts the world’s oldest consecutively-held marathon. This prestigious event brings participants and spectators from around the world. To qualify for the Boston Marathon, athletes need to submit an official net time that meets or exceeds the cut-off for their age and gender bracket. However, meeting the standard does not guarantee a spot.  First, runners must complete a

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Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Six Situations Treated with Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Many women think only a doctor can treat their pelvic problems. However, women’s health physical therapy offers specialized treatment for various disorders such as prolapse, diastasis recti, and more. Likewise, a therapist trained in pelvic floor physical therapy can help women and men with incontinence, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction.  1. Urinary Incontinence  Urinary incontinence (UI) can impact women of

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Reduce Stress

Healthy at Home: Staying Active to Reduce Stress

With COVID cases on the rise, more people are hunkering down. Part of staying healthy at home includes maintaining the wellbeing of the body and mind to reduce stress. Bad habits while working from home can increase stress and lead to all sorts of problems—anxiety, body aches, weight gain. Keeping active and sticking to a schedule promotes physical and mental

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COR’s Essential Personnel Program

Hello Everyone!   Our office re-opened after being closed for approximately two months and during that time we have been developing a performance program to give back to all our essential workers.  Through this program, our team wants to help people who have been dealing with nagging pains that have not been resolved and be relieved with appropriate physical therapy

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Ways to Reduce Swelling

Ways to Reduce Swelling In our last blog, Dr. Breitinger defined what makes up the components of inflammation. In our next segment, we will briefly discuss ways to control and reduce joint inflammation whether acute (new injury) or chronic (lasting more than one month). First, and most importantly, you need to identify the reason for a swollen joint. Did you

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But what is inflammation?

You may hear your Physical Therapist, Medical Doctor, or the general public talking about inflammation in the body…but what is inflammation? Straight from Merriam-Webster, “inflammation is a local response to cellular injury that is marked by capillary dilatation, leukocytic infiltration, redness, heat, and pain that serves as a mechanism initiating the elimination of noxious agents and of damaged tissue”. More

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How Important is Sleep?

Poor sleep has become a prevalent issue that the US Centers for Disease Control, “…has designated insufficient sleep as a public health problem” (PTinMotion 2018). We can do all the exercises in physical therapy 3x per week, complete the home exercise program to get better, eat all the right foods to be healthy, drinking water to stay hydrated, but it

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