August 2021 COVID Update – COR continues to follow COVID safety protocols

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Qualify for the Boston Marathon

How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon

Every year, Boston hosts the world’s oldest consecutively-held marathon. This prestigious event brings participants and spectators from around the world. To qualify for the Boston Marathon, athletes need to submit an official net time that meets or exceeds the cut-off for their age and gender bracket. However, meeting the standard does not guarantee a spot.  First, runners must complete a

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COR’s Essential Personnel Program

Hello Everyone!   Our office re-opened after being closed for approximately two months and during that time we have been developing a performance program to give back to all our essential workers.  Through this program, our team wants to help people who have been dealing with nagging pains that have not been resolved and be relieved with appropriate physical therapy

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3 Health and Fitness Tips for Winter

1. Frequent Mobility in the Day…Prolonged sitting results in negative effects on our body such as muscle stiffness, back pain, neck tightness, and decreased motion.  One way to counteract the effects of sitting is by incorporating more movement throughout the day.

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