August 2021 COVID Update – COR continues to follow COVID safety protocols

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pelvic floor physical therapy

Experiencing Pelvic Pain? Try Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Despite all the tests and scans, many women can’t pinpoint the cause of their pelvic pain. Sometimes it’s misdiagnosed as various gynecological conditions or dismissed as “unexplained pain.” Problems with the pelvic floor muscles, called myofascial pelvic pain, are associated with around 20% of chronic pelvic pain and more than 75% of bladder pain syndrome. Unfortunately, this cause often goes

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Understanding Commercial Insurance-Part 2

In the last blog, we talked about the major types of commercial insurance (Please see the previous blog). In this edition, I’d like to explain the differences one would encounter in physical therapy provided by an ‘out-of-network facility’ (OON) compared to the services one would receive in an ‘in-network facility’ (IN).

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