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Travel Tip

Easy Seat Exercises to Try on Long Flights Here are 4 seated exercises to beat stiffness on long flights.  Try to complete a set of 20 repetitions of each exercise on both legs per hour and also get up each hour if possible. Also dress comfortably to prevent compression of blood vessels and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

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Good News for Runners!

In a new study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy running is not only beneficial to your overall health but can also be of benefit to your knees and hips. For more information, click HERE to access the full article:

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Physical Therapy Cited As An Alternative to Opioids for Treatment of Pain

The epidemic of opioid abuse in the United States has pushed the CDC to establish new guidelines for providers to prescribe opioids to patients with chronic pain. Among the guidelines to use restraint when prescribing these medications that cause dependency and more times than not, addiction, the CDC is also encouraging providers to try other alternatives. Physical therapy can help

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Total Hip Replacements

By: Dr. Nicole-Bortniker-Wolfin. PT DPT Your hip joint is a ball and socket joint, consisting of the femur (the ball) and the acetabulum (the socket).  The hip is designed to withstand an incredible amount of force. In fact, an activity as simple and low impact as walking, can impart 1.3-5.8 times your body weight onto your hips!   Located between

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Common Athletic Injuries

By: Danielle Spagnolo, PT, DPT, OCS We are going to discuss and review chronic/overuse injuries that occur in athletes and have a direct impact on sports training and performance. Chronic or overuse injuries develop over a period of time.  A common consequence of high level training is repetitive micro-trauma to the involved tissues.  Provided the bone or soft tissue gets

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Falls Prevention in the Elderly

Falls Prevention in the Elderly 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 fall every year.  These falls can lead to tendon tears, fracture, or worse, head injury.  After falling, the individual may experience pain, limited mobility, and difficulty performing daily activities.

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