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Physical Therapy After a C-section Improves Patient Outcomes

Physical Therapy After a C-section
Physical Therapy After a C-section

Cesarean section is one of the most common surgeries performed in the U.S. Women who undergo  c-section often experience low back and pelvic pain. Patients who go to physical therapy after a c-section see significant improvements in recovery. Still, postoperative PT is not standard following abdominal surgery like it is with joint surgery.

Should Patients Receive Physical Therapy After a C-section?

Postoperative rehabilitation isn’t limited to knee surgery. Abdominal surgery requires recovery as well. PT is especially important for postpartum women who are also caring for a newborn. A physical therapist can assess patients’ strength, alignment, and functional movement. Early intervention leads to shorter recovery times and improved outcomes. Patients may need movement modifications, and a PT can guide them in ….?

Research on PT following a C-section 

A recent article published in the Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy found that physical therapy improves patient satisfaction and outcomes following C-section surgery. The study followed 72 postpartum women who gave birth by c-section. The control group received the hospital’s standard of care, which included consultation, suggested abdominal exercises, and scar management information. The rest went through six weeks of physical therapy, including scar mobilization, stretching and activities for the back, core, and hips, plus home exercise training. 

Improved Outcomes and Satisfaction 

Researchers measured outcomes using a visual pain rating scale, disability index, and patient questionnaires. Participants who received PT reported significantly lower pain scores than the control group. Plus, they also had higher rates of patient satisfaction. 

Postpartum Care at COR

Physical therapy after a c-section is a critical element of postpartum care. Women’s bodies need time to recover following major abdominal surgery. So, our specialty-trained Women’s Health therapist creates individualized programs for cesarean scar restrictions and other postpartum treatments. To refer a patient, contact our office at 201-833-1333.

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